List of Workshops

ARDUOUS: 4th International Workshop on Annotation of useR Data for UbiquitOUs Systems

CASPER: 7th International Workshop on Crowd Assisted Sensing, PERvasive Systems and Communications

COMOREA: 16th Workshop on Context and Activity Modeling and Recognition

CoSDEO: 7th CoSDEO workshop on Privacy and Security in Digital Assistants

DUCSAN: Workshop on Distributed Ubiquitous Computing: Systems, Applications, and Networking

EmotionAware: 4th International Workshop on Emotion Awareness for Pervasive Computing with Mobile and Wearable Devices

HCCS: 2nd Workshop on Human-Centered Computational Sensing

IQ2S: 11th International Workshop on Information Quality and Quality of Service in Pervasive Sensing and Computing

PerAwareCity: 5th IEEE International Workshop on Pervasive Context-Aware Smart Cities and Intelligent Transport Systems

PerCrowd: 3rd International Workshop on Context-Awareness for Multi-Device Pervasive and Mobile Computing

PerFlow: International Workshop on Pervasive Information Flow

PerHealth: 5th IEEE PerCom Workshop on Pervasive Health Technologies

PerIoT: 4th International Workshop on Mobile and Pervasive Internet of Things

PerLS: 4th International Workshop on Pervasive Smart Living Spaces

PerVehicle: 2nd International Workshop on Pervasive Computing for Vehicular Systems

SmartEdge: 4th International Workshop on Smart Edge Computing and Networking

SPT-IoT: 4th Workshop on Security, Privacy and Trust in the Internet of Things

WristSense: Workshop on sensing systems and applications using wrist worn smart devices


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