Conference Venues

The plenary sessions of PerCom 2020 (March 24-26) will be held at the Mulva Auditorium on the 0th floor of the University of Texas Engineering Education and Research Center (EERC). The building is a short walk through the UT main campus from the conference hotel. It is also easily accessible by public transport from other hotels in the city. The easiest way to navigate the bus system is to use the app to purchase fares.

Workshop Venue

Workshops on March 23 and March 27 will be held at the AT&T Executive Education and Conference Center, which is also the recommended conference hotel.

Walking Route Between Venues

It is a short (15 minute) walk between the two conference venues. You are welcome to walk through campus; the map below shows the shortest route along streets. The red area in the map indicates a construction zone that you will have to walk around. Below the map is a view of the front of the EER building so that you can recognize it as you approach.

Walking directions between AT&T conference center and EER

Parking Locations

If you prefer to drive and park at the conference, there are campus parking garages located near both venues. Parking will cost from $18-$21 per day.
Convenient parking locations

Public Transportation

Austin has a pretty well-connected bus system. The map below shows the locations of convenient nearby bus stops. If you're using public transportation, the capmetro app can be very useful, including for buying fares.

Convenient public transit stops


For any Information about the conference, please contact the General Chair.

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