N2Women Fellowship & Event

Percom 2020 N2Women event

We are happy to invite all the interested PerCom 2020 participants to join us in the N2Women Meeting and Dinner on Monday 23th March at 5 pm in the AT&T Center (the Monday workshops’ location). The event will feature panel discussion on the topic “Overcommitting as a female professional”, featuring the Percom2020 keynote speaker, professor Diane Cook from School of Electrical Engineering and Computer Science at Washington State University; Dr. Wendy Nilsen, the Acting Deputy Division Director of NSF; and Dr. Amy Murphy from the Bruno Kessler Foundation, Trento, Italy.  The event will be followed by an informal dinner in a nearby restaurant, subsidized by N2women. 

For the organization of the event and dinner, please indicate your intent to participate by registering here latest on Friday 6th March:  https://forms.gle/FX2CxhJK2uf2oUy76 

N2 Women (https://n2women.comsoc.org/) is supported by ACM SIGMOBILE, ACM SIGCOMM, IEEE Communications Society, IEEE Computer Society (CS) Technical Committee on Computer Communications (TCCC), NSF Division of Computer and Network Systems, CRA-W, Facebook, Microsoft Research, HP Labs, and Google Research.


N2Women Fellowship

N2Women is pleased to announce the continuation of our N2Women Young Researcher Fellowship awards. N2Women considers you a young researcher if you are currently a student, working as a post-doc, or in the 1st or 2nd year of your new research career. These awards will partially cover a young researcher’s travel cost (up to $1000) to PerCom 2020, where an N2Women event will be held. In exchange, the young researcher must help organize the N2Women meeting. The benefit of doing the organization, in addition to the travel funds, is for the young researcher to connect with the organizers of the conference who are, typically, leaders in the research field. We will arrange for a faculty or research member of N2Women to assist/mentor the young researcher in this task. Support for these N2Women Young Researcher Fellowship awards has been generously provided by ACM SIGMOBILE, ACM SIGCOMM, IEEE ComSoc, IEEE CS TCCC, Microsoft Research, HP Labs, Google Research and Facebook.

To apply for a fellowship or for more information, please see: http://n2women.comsoc.org/ and click the Fellowships link.

The deadline for applications for PerCom is
*** January 31, 2020 ***


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