Update (March 28, 2020)

PerCom 2020 was a success! Heartfelt thanks all of the participants, presenters, authors, and organizers who helped to make it so. If you missed anything, you can find the papers, slides, videos, and zoom recordings here. If you're here in search of information about PerCom 2021, we'll update this website soon.

Update (March 26, 2020)

Congrats to all of the "best" winners!

Mark Weiser Best Paper Award: 

  • Jose Clemente, Maria Valero, Fangyu Li, ChengLiang Wang, and WenZhan Song, University of Georgia, USA & Chongqing University, China
    Helena: Real-time Contact-free Monitoring of Sleep Activities and Events around the Bed

Best Industry Paper Award:

  • [Winner] Md Mahbubur Rahman, Tousif Ahmed, Ebrahim Nemati, Viswam Nathan, Korosh  Vatanparvar, Jilong Kuang, and Erin Blackstock, Samsung Research America & Brigham and Women's Hospital, USA
    ExhaleSense: Detecting High Fidelity Forced Exhalations to Estimate Lung Obstruction on Smartphones
  • [Honorable Mention] Kota Tsubouchi, Teruhiko Teraoka, HidehitoGomi Japan, and Masamichi Shimosaka, Yahoo Japan Corporation & Tokyo Institute of Technology, Japan
    Parasitic Location Logging: Estimating Users' Location from Context of Passersby

Best WiP Contribution:

  • Stephan Sigg, Le Ngu Nguyen, Pablo Pérez Zarazaga and Tom Bäckström, Aalto University, Finland
    Provable Consent for Voice User Interfaces in Indoor Environments

Best Demo (tie):

  • Ana Cristina Franco da Silva, Pascal Hirmer, Jan Schneider, Seda Ulusal, Matheus Tavares Frigo, University of Stuttgart, Germany
    MBP: Not just an IoT Platform
  • Steven Hernandez and Eyuphan Bulut, Virginia Commonwealth University, USA
    Performing WiFi Sensing with Off-the-shelf Smartphones

Best PhD Forum Contribution:

  • Viktor Matkovic, University of Duisburg-Essen, Germany
    Towards Enhancing Bike Navigation Safety and Experience Using Sensor Enabled Devices

Best Reviewer Recognition:

  • Max Mühlhäuser, Technical University Darmstadt, Germany


    Update (March 24, 2020)!

    PerCom 2020 (all-remote) is in full swing!
    Link to the program:

    Update (March 11, 2020)

    As of today (March 11, 2020) PerCom 2020 is still scheduled to happen March 23-27 but in an entirely virtual format. Given the options of canceling PerCom 2020 entirely or shifting to a remote format, we have chosen the latter. The schedule for PerCom 2020 will remain nearly unchanged from what is published here. There may be some minor modifications as we figure out the best online format for each event, but if you are a presenter, you should be prepared to present at your allotted time.

    We have fielded several questions about postponing the conference and concerns about the impact of timezones on remote participation. Rescheduling in the next few months is uncertain, and by late summer, we start to affect PerCom 2021. We understand that the impact of timezones is not trivial and also ask you to consider that full participation from all attendees is a crucial component to ensuring that PerCom 2020 is a success, especially given the difficult circumstances we face. Our hope is that you can arrange your schedule in a way that is similar to what it would have been if you had traveled to Austin as planned. We are working hard to develop ways to help keep everyone engaged, such that attending all sessions is a seamless and pleasant (and even fun!) experience. Let's use this challenge as an opportunity to demonstrate that the PerCom community can adapt to even the most challenging of circumstances.

    More information about logistics of the remote meeting will be forthcoming, but please feel free to reach out with more questions. To reiterate, PerCom 2020 will happen online, March 23-27.

    PerCom 2020

    IEEE PerCom is the premier conference for presenting scholarly research in pervasive computing and communications. Advances in this field are leading to innovative platforms, protocols, systems, and applications for always-on, always-connected services. In 2020, PerCom will visit Austin, the capital of Texas and the eleventh largest city in the US. It is known as the “live music capital of the world”, is famous for its barbecue, and is a progressive tech-centric town.

    Program draft is available here!

    Passed deadlines

    • Deadline for Travel Grant applications: Extended to February 5, 2020. [Passed]
    • Deadline to apply for N2Women Fellowship: January 31. 3030. [Passed]
    • Deadline for initial artifact submission: January 22, 2020. [Passed]
    • Deadline for artifact registration (accepted contributions only): January 15, 2020. [Passed]
    • Deadline for PhD forum contributions: Extended to January 3, 2020. [Passed]
    • Deadlines for Workshops: [Passed]. List of Workshops
    • Deadline for WiP contributions: Extended to December 7, 2019. [Passed]
    • Deadline for industry track papers: December 7, 2019. [Passed]
    • Deadline for demonstration proposals: December 2, 2019. [Passed]
    • Deadline for full research papers: September 20, 2019. [Passed]
    • Deadline for workshop proposals: May 31, 2019. [Passed]


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