Call for Workshops [Closed]

IEEE PerCom is the premier conference for presenting scholarly research in pervasive computing and communications. Advances in this field are leading to innovative platforms, protocols, systems, and applications for always-on, always-connected services. In 2020, PerCom will visit Austin, the capital of Texas and the eleventh largest city in the US. It is known as the “live music capital of the world”, is famous for its barbecue, and is a progressive tech-centric town.

The PerCom 2020 Workshop Chairs invite proposals for one-day or half-day workshops, to be held prior to or immediately after the main conference. The purpose of the workshops is to provide a venue for presenting novel ideas in a less formal and typically more focused area than the main conference.

Note that PerCom workshops are expected to stimulate discussions on state-of-the-art, emerging, visionary, and perhaps controversial topics. Workshops should be organized to promote lively interaction and plans to promote interaction and discussion must be clearly addressed in the written workshop proposals. The organizers of accepted workshops are required to announce the workshop and call for papers, solicit submissions, conduct the reviewing process, and decide upon the final workshop program. At least one organizer must be physically present at the workshop.

Workshop proposals are solicited in all areas and topics pertaining to research and applications in pervasive computing and communications. Workshops addressing new emerging research directions in pervasive computing and communication are especially welcome. Further, workshops with novel formats, e.g., focused on a specific topic in a tutorial-style fashion, are strongly encouraged. Workshop papers will be included and indexed in the IEEE digital libraries (Xplore). The page limit for accepted regular workshop papers is 6 pages, including all figures, tables, and references.

Proposal Submission Guidelines

Workshop proposals should be submitted (in PDF format) no later than May 31, 2019 by e-mail to the PerCom 2020 Workshop Co-chairs (, with "PerCom 2020 Workshop Proposal" in the subject. Each proposal must include:

  1. The workshop title and acronym.

  2. The name, address, and a short bio of up to 200 words for each of the workshops’ organizers; workshops may have up to three organizers. It is strongly recommended that organizers belong to at least two different institutions.

  3. A brief description (up to 1 page) of

    1. the technical issues that the workshop will address

    2. the reasons the workshop is of interest to the PerCom community

    3. a description of the communities/groups the workshop aims to attract

    4. a short discussion of related workshops and conferences and an outline of why the proposed workshop is unique.

  4. The planned format of the workshop (e.g., keynotes, paper presentations, posters, demos) and duration (e.g., one-day, half-day). You must also provide a well-defined strategy to facilitate lively and interactive discussions.

  5. A description of past version(s) of the workshop, including: number of submitted and accepted papers and number of attendees. Please also address any differences between the proposed edition of the workshop and previous edition(s).
    If the workshop is new, an estimate of the expected number of submitted and accepted papers, and of the expected number of attendees.

  6. A description of the publicity plan.

  7. The names of potential program committee members.

  8. The workshop website address (preliminary).

  9. A preliminary call for papers.

Important Dates

Deadline for Workshop Proposals: May 31, 2019
Notification of Workshop Proposals: June 21, 2019
Deadline for Workshop Papers: November 11, 2019
Notification of Workshop Papers: December 20, 2019

Workshop Chairs

Amy Murphy -- Bruno Kessler Foundation, Italy
Edison Thomaz -- University of Texas at Austin, USA


For any Information about the conference, please contact the General Chair.

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