Hotel Information

Hotel reservation:  

Grand Prince Hotel Kyoto is the nearest hotel to the venue (5-min walk), while other hotels need moving with metro. A limited number of rooms are designated for our guests at a special rate. Most rooms are twin-bed room, which can be used by 1 or 2 persons.

For application, please send an e-mail to []
with the following items.

- Name
- Affiliation
- Postal address
- Contact e-mail address
- Single Use/Twin Use
- check-in date
- check-out date



  • Single Room: 18,200JPY/night for 7-18th March except 9th and 16th (Saturday) at 24,500JPY.
  • Twin Room (for 2 persons): 11,200JPY/night,person for 7-18th March, 14,500JPY for 9th and 16th.

✓ Rates include Buffet Breakfast, Wi-Fi and all legal taxes.

✓ Note cancellation policy and cut off date policies.


CUT OFF DATE:   Attendees can enter their booking till 22nd of February 2019, which is the cut-off date. After this date, any additional new bookings can be made offline by direct communication with the hotel and will be subject to hotel’s availability. Note that the number of available rooms with this price is limited. Booking could be cut off even before 22nd February if application reaches the available number. We recommend you to book your room as early as possible.  (Also note that March is a high-season for personal trip in Japan).


CANCELLATION POLICY:  If you want to cancel the reservation, please let us know via [] at least 1 week before the conference (i.e., before 4th March 2019).
If you make reservation and is not cancelled before this date, you have to pay the hotel fee.


Other Hotels:  

Caution: March is one of the peak tourist season in Kyoto, so it is highly recommended to book rooms early.

Kyoto Station Area
- Access to the venue:
  Take Karasuma Subway Line for Kokusaikaikan (K01) from Kyoto Station (K11), 20min by train
- Hotels:
  New Miyako Hotel
  Hotel Granvia Kyoto
  Hotel New Hankyu Kyoto
  ibis Styles Kyoto Station


Shijo Karasuma Area
- Access to the venue:
  Take Karasuma Subway Line for Kokusaikaikan (K01) from Shijo (K09), 16min by train
- Hotels:
  Hotel Nikko Princess Kyoto
  The Royal Park Hotel Kyoto Shijo
  Daiwa Roynet Hotel Kyoto-Shijokarasuma

Karasuma Oike Area
- Access to the venue:
  Take Karasuma Subway Line for Kokusaikaikan (K01) from Karasuma Oike (K08), 14min by train
- Hotels:
  Hotel Monterey Kyoto
  Mitsui Garden Hotel Kyoto Sanjo
  Hearton Hotel Kyoto