Late requests for accommodation

A revised, improved system has been put in place to manage those who still require a room at the Sheraton-Kona. 
1.  Contact Ms. Kori Gacayan of the Sheraton–Kona Hotel

Any cancellations that take place at the Sheraton-Kona will be monitored by Kori.  She is retaining those rooms and will direct any vacancies that become available to those on the “wait list.”

Please contact her directly and advise her of your needs (i.e., the number of people in your party and the dates you require a room).  Include if you are willing to share a room.

Kori will be in direct contact with you if/when space becomes available. 
2.  Additionally, you have the option of contacting:
The Courtyard Marriot:  King Kamehameha Hotel/Resort
Phone Number: 1-800 438 6493

They are located close to the Sheraton Kona. However, it is not within walking distance.  A taxi between the 2 hotels is $27.00 however, Uber is available and considerably cheaper.

There is a shuttle available that circulates the island.  It is considerably cheaper than a taxi or Uber but this option would include additional travel time.

You may wish to consider “sharing a ride” with others who are staying at the King Kamehameha Hotel.  We will have a board and easel at the conference registration desk for those who wish to leave their name and phone number along with your interest in ride-sharing.

We extend to you PerCom’s sincere regret that the hotel is not able to accommodate everyone at this time.  PerCom reserved rooms based on 15 years of previous experience. However, PerCom 2017 represents a much wider audience interest than previously.  

The high attendance will of guarantees a wonderful conference experience and an even greater “networking opportunity.”  

Keep in mind, “plans change” and we anticipate cancellations, particularly those who have booked at the hotel who are outside of the PerCom Event.