Program at a glance

The complete program can be found here .


13th March

Full day workshopsCASPer, CoMoReA, PerHealth, PerIot, PerLS, SPT-IoT, WristSense 

Half-day (afternoon): PhD training


14th March

8:30-8:45am    Opening

8:45-9:45am     Keynote: Smarter Pervasive Computing, Hui Lei (IBM)

9:45-10:15am    Break

10:15-12:00pm   Paper Session: Smart Smartphones

12:00-1:00pm    Lunch

1:00-1:15pm      PhD Teaser Madness

1:15-2:30pm    Paper Session: From Networks to Crowds

2:30-3pm    Break

3-3:50pm    Paper Session: Mobile Cloud

3:50-4:30pm   WiP and Demo  "Teaser Madness"

4:30-7pm     Demo / PhD Posters / WiP during Reception


15th March

8:30-8:45am    Opening (announcements)

8:45-9:45am    Keynote: Curious True Facts About People and Location, John C. Krumm (Microsoft Research, USA)

9:45-10:15am    Break

10:15-11:45am    Paper Session: Best Paper Nominees

11:45-1pm    Lunch

1-2:30pm    Paper Session: Positioning and Tracking

2:30-3pm    Break

3-4:30pm    Paper Session: Wearables -- Enabling and Enabled Innovations

6-9pm    Banquet


16th March

8:30-10:15am    Paper Session: Smart Mobility Solutions

10:15-10:45am    Break

10:45-12pm    Panel

12-1:15pm    Lunch

1:15-2:45pm   Paper Session: Sensing -- Devices and Applications

2:45-3:15pm    Break

3:15-4:45pm    Paper Session: Context and its Uses

4:45-5:30pm    Townhall meeting


17th March

Full day workshops: ARDUOUS, EmotionAware, SmartEdge, DAMN  

Half day workshops (morning): BICA and IQ2S