Presenters' Guide

Speakers' Guide - Main Conference

  • 30/20 minutes time-slot for full/concise paper (talk including discussions). Please prepare for a 25/15 minutes talk to allow room for questions and discussions.
  • Preferred formats: MS PowerPoint, PDF. You can use your own computer for the presentation, but make sure it is compatible with the projector before your session.
  • Please prepare 2-3 sentence short intro about yourself for the session chair.

Speakers' Guide - Teaser Madness

  • Prepare a single slide (MS PowerPoint is preferred) and send it well before to your chair (WiP/Ph.D. Forum/Demo). A 1 minute time-slot will be given to present this slide and motivate people to visit your poster/demo.

Speakers' Guide - Affiliated Events

  • Please check the webpage and/or contact the chair of your affiliated event for detailed information.

Posters' Guide

  • Poster authors (WiP session, Ph.D. Forum poster session) are invited to present their work in one poster with a maximum size of A0.
  • Please note that posters MUST BE PRINTED IN ADVANCE and brought with you to the venue. We cannot print posters on site.
  • Tips for good poster presentation are available on the web, e.g., here.

Demos' Guide

  • You have to bring all the equipments required to your demonstration with you.