Skiing in Switzerland

If you plan to go skiing before or after the conference, here is some information:

All skiing regions in Switzerland can be accessed either by train or by bus. Some skiing regions CANNOT be accessed directly by car (e.g. Zermatt). In this cases, there is a parking place some kilometers away from the skiing region and a good bus or cable car connection to the region itself. A car is usually the most convenient and simple way to go skiing, but consider also the heavy snow and winter conditions, which might still occur in March.

All skiing regions have equipment rentals on site.

The closest skiing regions to Lugano in Switzerland are:

Airolo - on the south side of the Alps, approx. 90 km away from Lugano. Well suited for semi-experts and experts, almost nothing for beginners. Since it is on the south side of the Alps, the snow might be artificial or non-existing in March! Very convenient train connection from Lugano directly to Airolo. Check the homepage for more information: www.airolo.ch 

Andermatt - just on the other side of the Alps, convenient train connection from Lugano, huge area with many slopes for beginners, semi-experts and experts. Snow guarantee. Good rentals, skiing schools, hotels, restaurants, etc. www.andermatt.ch

Nara and Cari - great for kids and absolute beginners! Connection by car or postbus only (www.postbus.ch). Great sledge trail (over 5 km) in Nara. On the south side of the Alps, in a side valley. Check snow conditions before going! www.cari.ch www.nara.ch

There are many more regions worth going, but all of them are slightly further away from Lugano. Here you can find a complete list and much more information: www.bergfex.com/schweiz/

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