Venue and Hotel Information


IEEE PerCom 2012 will be hosted at the Convention Center (Palazzo dei Congressi) of Lugano, Lugano, Switzerland from 19/03/2012 to 24/03/2012.
Most hotels in Lugano are small and have only limited number of rooms, usually 10-15 rooms.
Below you can find a list of hotels, with reservation information. Please read also carefully the following information before booking:

YOU NEED TO GIVE THE CODE "SUPSI-PERCOM2012" in order to make use of the below rates.

  1. Single rooms are typically with one single bed - the standard is 90x200 cm. Double rooms have typically one double bed (usually queen) and can be used also for single use.
  2. Hotel rates include breakfast, but do NOT include tourist tax, which is around 3 CHF per day per person. The tourist tax cannot be waived, even if you are on business.
  3. The PerCom conference organisation does not make any reservations for its participants.
  4. Below you will find email and phone numbers, where you can make the reservation on your own. We cannot guarantee the rates listed below if you book from somewhere else (tourist agency, online search machine, etc.).
  5. Hotels are small and the ones closer to the conference site might get booked sooner. First come, first serve.
  6. Some hotels will require a credit card to confirm the reservation.
  7. All rooms except the hostel beds have bathroom in the room. 

CUT-OFF DEADLINE FOR HOTEL BOOKING: 15.01.2012 (after this date, the reserved rooms will be freed to the public again)

Hotel Name Type and number of rooms Price per room Walking distance to conference center Free Internet
Hostel Montarina 25 hostel beds (shared dormitory rooms, organized female/male) 27 CHF (no breakfast!) 1.5 km only in hotel hall
Hotel Montarina 4 double 90 CHF (single use), 130 CHF (double use) 1.5 km only in hotel hall
Youth Hostel Savosa 40 hostel beds (shared dormitory rooms, organized female/male) 37 CHF (no breakfast!) 2.5 km NO
Walter au Lac 8 single, 16 double 142 CHF (single use), 166 CHF (double for single use), 211 CHF (double for double use) 500 m YES
Acquarello 35 double 95 CHF (single use), 145 CHF (double use) 600 m NO
Pestalozzi 7 single, 8 double 92 CHF (single use), 124 CHF (double for single use), 146 CHF (double for double use) 50 m NO
Federale 10 single, 20 double 130 CHF (single use), 160 CHF (double for single use), 200 CHF (double for double use) 800 m NO
Atlantico 12 double 110 CHF 1.1 km YES
San Carlo 3 single, 7 double 120 CHF (single use), 130 CHF (double for single use), 160 CHF (double for double use) 600m YES
Zurigo 5 standard single, 10 standard double and 5 superior double 110 CHF (standard single), 140 CHF (standard double for single use), 180 CHF (superior double for single use) 200m YES
Colorado 8 single, 15 double 115 CHF (single use), 135 CHF (double for single use)  1.3 km YES
Dishma 4 single, 15 double 95 CHF (single use), 130 CHF (double for single use), 165 CHF (double for double use) 2.1 km YES

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