Paper Presentation Instructions

Dear Authors:

I am sure you are looking forward to your active
participation at PerCom 2005.  To reduce delays
between two presentations, we would like to have your
presentation slides pre-loaded onto laptop computers
connected to the projectors before the beginning of
each session. The presentation time for each regular 
(concise) paper is about 30 (22) minutes 
(presentation + discussions).

In order to ensure smooth transitions at the sessions,
we urge all authors to upload their
presentation slides and brief bios to the ftp site indicated
below.  However, for some reason you cannot upload
the slides to the ftp site, please talk to one of the student
volunteers at the conference, at least 2 hours before
your session.
Please note uploading files in advance is not mandatory,
but encouraged. If you still prefer to use your
laptop, you are welcome to do so, we will do our best
to  ensure a smooth transition. But please be warned
that the transition gaps can be significant.

Looking forward to your presentation and participation
at PerCom 2005.

Thanks and Best regards

Mohan Kumar
General Chair, PerCom 2005


The instructions of the file uploading are as follows:

Step 1: Please name your presentation and bio files  as follows:

Presentation file Name: "SessionNumber" + "first author's 
lastName"+".ppt" or ".pdf"
Bio text file Name: "SessionNumber" + "first author's lastName"+".txt"

For example, given this paper in Sesstio 6:
"Location-based E-campus Web Services: From Design to Deployment", S. 
Koo, C. Rosenberg, H. H. Chan, and Y. C. Lee.
Presentation file name: 6Koo.ppt
Bio file name: 6Koo.txt
(Please send the 'BIO' of the presenting author only)

Step 2: Use a ftp client to connect the following server address of ftp 
username: presentation
passwd: percom2005

Step 3: Upload your presentation and bio files.

Notice: The files in the server will not listed after your uploading.
For any questions or problems in file uploading, please contact 
Mr.Huaping Shen ( for help.

Sponsored by
The University of Texas at Arlington, IEEE Computer Society,
IEEE Technical Committee on Computer Communications (TCCC),
IEEE Technical Committee on Parallel Processing (TCPP)

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